The Mosque

Returning to Cyprus for a brief visit one year on from my residency (see Transitions I-IV), I focussed my attention on the Mosque that is being constructed adjacent to the Near East University on the outskirts of northern Nicosia. This is to be the only 6 minaret Mosque outside Turkey apparently, and it is situated only a few miles away from the recently completed Hala Sultan Mosque on the road to Famagusta. The (very) small construction crew on site very kindly allowed me to photograph the building from within the concrete infrastructure that was forming the layout of the interior spaces - a fascinating insight into the configuration of an Islamic place of worship.


Many aspects fascinate me about this building and I'm hoping that I can return again in order to photograph its development and ultimately see the completion of a building that contributes to a continued discourse on the island's cultural dichotomy.

Work in progress

Mosque 10
Mosque 1
Mosque 8
Mosque 7
Mosque 6