Contemporary British Housing

Work in progress


Urban development continues to hold a major fascination for me. In fact it is over 20 years since I first walked through a new housing development on the edge of the village I was living in and felt there was a subject to develop into a photographic series. This became Emblems of Civilisation (see the Archive section of this website).


This new series of houses, which I'm referring to as Contemporary British Housing, is the latest body of work exploring this fascination with the way in which a particular form of development is appearing in the British landscape. A number of major developments have emerged in the 21c that draw on periods of architectural history and new planning and construction ideologies such as the New Urbanism movement.


'New Urbanism is the revival of our lost art of place-making and is essentially a re-ordering of the built environment into the form of complete cities, towns, villages and neighbourhoods - the way communities have been built for centuries around the world.'


Within these developments there is a sense of accelerated place-making that I find fascinating, and at the heart of which are individual homes built in a variety of architectural styles from across the centuries, arriving in a matter of months.


These images are all shot on a mobile phone camera, a contemporary, fast-paced system of image-making but one which allows me to draw on established histories of architectural representation.




IMG_5151v2 web Composite web IMG_5136v2 web IMG_5140 web IMG_5155 web IMG_5160 web IMG_5162v1 web IMG_5143 web IMG_5173 IMG_5147 Poundbury Diptych 4 Poundbury Diptych 2019 5 web IMG_5536 BW IMG_5533 BW IMG_5588 BW IMG_5583 BW Bolnore Composite 1 IMG_5574 BW IMG_5575 BW IMG_5543 BW IMG_5555 BW Sherford Triptych IMG_5685 v2 IMG_5683 v2 IMG_5677 IMG_5692 v2 IMG_5636 v2